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Published on September 19, 2014, by in Swaychic.

OMG, it’s fall already!? How did that happen??? With annual global fashion weeks already underway, we take this moment to bring you SwayChic’s four favorite fall fashion trends. Here we go #SwayBabes

Eclectic Dressing – When you feel like you’ve got nothing to wear, mix it up! Put together unlikely textures and prints to create exciting, unexpected, KILLER looks. Think a fuzzy sweater with distressed denim and leather heels, or switching up the top and bottom of those matching separates print sets you bought in Spring.







Sporty Chic – The runway meets the playing field. Mix comfy, breathable athletic gear and jersey-inspired pieces with luxe, feminine closet staples to give your sophisticated style a bad-ass edge, a look that says, “I’m QT, but don’t mess with me! I could kick your ass at football, and GET. SHIT. DONE.” Think dresses worn with a baseball cap and Nikes, athletic bras with girly skirts, sweats/joggers/mesh basketball shorts with tennis shoe-inspired heels, and lots and lots of Adidas-style stripes.






Soft Grunge – 90′s Grunge updated for the 2000′s. Ditch that dark and dreary color palette for creamy pastels and shiny iridescents, and replace all that tough denim and leather for soft velvets and faux fur. Also, that angsty sad girl attitude really isn’t gonna cut it, so brighten up and go full kawaii, I mean, goddamnit, SMILE! Think fuzzy cardis and sweaters, throwback cartoon tees, rainbow tattoo chokers, and platform Timbs or Docs. Add as many yin yangs, unicorns, and daisies too your outfit as you can until you throw up rainbows.







Transparent – For those who’ve got nothing to hide, jelly sandals and clear accessories have a made a comeback! And not to worry cuz we’ve got you covered in the shop with loads of see-thru shoes and accessories.








SwayMate of the Month: September – WICVH

Published on September 11, 2014, by in SWAYmate.


They say September is the January of Fashion, and this month we’ve got a SwayMate who’s always been at the cutting edge of trends. WIVCH is the cryptically clever horizontal inverse of Micah, a Los Angeles-by way of Boston-by way of San Francisco (breath!) stylist and DJ who loves boba tea and hyphy music. Living every blogger girl’s dream, she was scouted off Instagram and flown across the country to work as Karmaloop and MissKL’s lead stylist, all before she was even old enough to drink. YEAH, CRAZY!!! What does it take to be an Internet celeb turned career woman who’s young n’ gittin’ it? We chat with WICVH just to find out.


Did you always know you wanted to be in fashion and music? What contributed to your ability to have accomplished as much as you have at such a young age?

YES! I absolutely knew I wanted to be in the fashion industry since high school. It all started when my volleyball coach told me I couldn’t play on the team anymore because of my bad attitude. I needed something else to occupy my time so I looked into fashion blogging when I was a sophomore. I moved onto so many blogging platforms from blogspot, to wordpress, to tumblr, and to now my personal website WICVH.com. That being said, I’ve always been able to document my lifestyle. I started blogging because I wanted it to be my personal diary where I could look back 10 years from now and reminisce about each memory post I created. It’s just so crazy to me that people actually started following my blog! It’s amazing to know that I’ve been inspiring girls around the world and what’s even more dope is the fact that I literally didn’t change one bit, haha. With music I’ve been djing since I was 17 because my dad used to DJ. He taught me on vinyl with Tina Turner and Earth Wind & Fire records, Lol, so I was already down for Funk/Disco/Motown music. I was sneaking into clubs when I was 16 just so I could see my favorite DJs spin and blog about it. Yeah, I was a weird teenager at the time because no one was really doing it.


How would you describe your experience working as the head stylist for Karmaloop and MissKL in Boston? What was your best styling experience out there?

GREAT! I loved everyone I worked with and I’ve established sooooooo many connections and friendships because of the experience. Although I was far away from family and friends, all the projects I was handed made me motivated to want to stay in Boston. My best styling project I would have to say was the Summer Love lookbook we shot in Tribeca New York with August Alsina and Stori, that day was beautiful with the Def Jam and Karmaloop team.






What about the Bay Area makes it the BAE Area? How has it influenced your fashion and music sense? Are there any up-and-coming Bay Area artists you think we should keep on our radar?

THE ART, THE YOUTH, AND FOOD influence my fashion and music tastes. For instance, I say the art because of the talented individuals who don’t stop painting. I have a friend named Reggie who goes by SLVSTR, and I swear to god that fool does not stop, it’s so inspiring. The only way I keep up with him nowadays is through his instagram, lol. And I say the youth because they are the future! So many kids are making a living breaking through and starting their own businesses, it’s awesome to see. And the food because the Bay has soooooo many awesome food places that are unforgettably tasty. BAY AREA ARTISTS: Dave Steezy (rapper) and Aaron Kai (post pop artist).


There aren’t a lot of girl DJs out there, how do you do it!?

I JUST LOVE MUSIC! Everything about it makes me thrive. I love discovering new things too, and with music I’m constantly learning about new artists/producers. I also grew up in a Filipino family and we’re all about having a good time. I just like seeing people happy and in their zone. Plus, I love to party.

Social Media has obviously allowed you to become as big as you are today and presented many great opportunities for your career. What are your thoughts on how the Internet has changed the way people connect, communicate, and share with eachother? Could you imagine your life without it?

The Internet is AMAZING. I love you, Internet. It’s my first boyfriend, I can always depend on it, jk. But I mean, the Internet makes it way easier to meet the people you want, especially in order to excel in life. It amazes me that nowadays all you need is a follow back on Twitter to be able to direct message someone your email or phone number, and expand your network of contacts. I cannot imagine life without social media or the Internet. I’ve learned so much about myself through it and I don’t think I’d be as skilled or experienced if it weren’t for it.


What do you think the trend towards dressing comfortably (i.e. #CozyBoyz, SportyChic) says about our currentday culture?

That people no longer care too much about the latest trends. And that fashion is finally willing to let itself be comfortable, physically and mentally. I love the #CozyBoy movement.


Any advice you can give to girls trying to get into fashion or music?

Don’t have a boyfriend, don’t trust anyone, and make your parents proud.


Last words, what’s your life motto?